Friday, June 1, 2012

good samaritan?

I was driving to Taos to shoe some horses when I saw a broke down vehicle with a person waiting for help. After a brief struggle between helping somebody in need and being on time I slowed to pull a U turn and see if I could help. As I pulled over the driver behind slowed in time and stopped to help. As I pulled back on to the road I had one of those little irrational thought/feelings that make me laugh at myself. " I hope they notice that I pulled over" Do I get karma credit for almost helping? Why did I think that person would even know who I was.  Well at least if they noticed that not only one but two persons slowed to help they may have a littl bump in faith in fellow humans.
 Of course the pessimist would say that the other "good samaritan" was more likely a serial killer looking for their next victim