Sunday, December 25, 2016

courage, kindness, softness, love and connection

Thinking back it seems to me that every time I have acted in violence, anger, fear, or coldness I have lost something of importance to me.
 It could be honor, integrity, or relationship.
 The last to time it has been relationships. The last time I lost a life
  No matter how much bullshit I shovel or good I do for the rest of my life there will be a hole in my sense of me...
  I advise all to reject fear and one-up-manship. Every time you vilify a whole group or even a person you tear a little hole in the fabric of society.
  Think clearly and with courage and honor and integrity before you say or do anything cruel or dismissive. You yours and all of us collectively lose when we do such things

Thursday, December 22, 2016


How do we empathize with the "other"
Those who we disagree with or fear?
 What happens when we misjudge and either attack a good person or mistake evil for a miscommunication?

Sunday, December 18, 2016


A long story on whether being nice pays off for men in the world on the BBC yesterday
 The most striking thing I noticed was the scientist saying that there is an assumption in many humans that we are all evil assholes so anyone who is nice is therefore weak.
This to me is to me is a sad and fearful belief which is actually false and through constant repetition soon becomes a social reality.
So my conclusion is that us good folks need to do is to battle against the evils of  those who worship bluster and violence and do the battle of good vs evil with strength and kindness

justice,equaility, morality

A very complex and difficult subject this thing of fairness and justice.
 I sense in many of my friends a judgment full of fear and resentment
My young children often feel resentment of the others enjoyment and their childish solution to this problem is often to take the joy or resource away from the other, the same method many adults have  For example . Some people get free college, others don't. The immature solution based on the a priori idea of not enough is to take free school (donated or paid by others or society) away from those who have it.
Interestingly this does not translate to inherited or stolen wealth....
Doing one's best the love of excellence is a rare and beautiful thing  I remember as a young man thinking that doing ones best was putting forth full effort in whatever one was doing.
What happens if one has never been challenged in their lives?
It seems that man do not know what their best is.. I am trying to figure how one hits a moving target
As one tries hard ones best becomes better and better as one believes that they are trying their best their best can be less and less

Thursday, November 24, 2016

On being good

we here in America worship success
My friend frank and I have had many discussions upon this subject
We both have separately and differently come to the same conclusion that being a good human being a good human is more important than any earthly success
 The elect

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The challenge

A simple bike ride to a public meeting
My favorite frenemies show up ( fear and his/her/it's twin anger)
They remember the good old days when we raced and battled for supremacy in the dark on scary runs alongside la lotto a in the arroyos of my native Agua Fria
Ttherapthey feel confident and want a rematch 432 years later as they feel I willam old and weak and will succumb easily to their blandishments and threats
As very few know about me I have a difficult time turning down a challenge even one with little chance of victory and very little upside
The rules are simple we pick a distance and I must put forth full effort for that period or lose and suffer a spiritual death
Today we agree to best out of three
I am fresh and strong 💪 and have a secret ingredient
Easy wins two to zero
Of course fear and the referee death are cheaters so they claim I have to win three out of three
But the refs have final say so now you am getting angry
The next challenge is a long hill
I bust my ass and run out of gas and give in with a just meters to go
Forgot the cardinal rule " don't get 😡...
So a long flat stretch calm and clear for many maters as the end nears I feel fear and weakness wending their way from belly to heart to brain
Hold on by the merest margins gasping for breath quads burning but victorious
They day is won!!!
Not so quick says fear, death agrees that maybe some cheating involved
No bleeping way but the rules are set so remembering the lesson of anger we find the next challenge, a long winding hill
Easy I think and start steady and slow speeding to the exact effort which will get me
To the top of course the top is farther than the eye used to jogging 🏃 reckons so a 100 meters more than expected head down grimacing as the pain and lactic acid build
Victory by a hair!! Exhausted !!!4 to 2 good to go
As life often does the finish line moves it is now best of 9 or on English first to 5
So spent and disheartening two hard steep tricky hills now four four
Death our ref sea a long deceptive hill for the final challenge so I can quit or try
With little hope I bend my will to the task halfway the tendrils of fear and acid begin their insidious work
Just go then that funny thing happens I embrace the pain and fear and work with them as tools of self knowledge and as the quads tighten and the vision begins to tunnel one last long effort and the finish passes by as thinkers wobbles and legs tremble
Death will have to wait at least one more day