Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Helping out some poor dude who ran out of gas in ABQ.  He had no money a dead battery and seemed very sad. Anyway I bought a gas can and some gas and left him there waiting for his wife to bring some jumper cables. The cops pushed his car off the road and left him there. I wonder how it turned out.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

modern day disasters

No sound on youtube. Guess I will have to deal with live people today

feeling good

I remember about a year ago I had a day where I had no aches or pains worked a whole day felt great all day and ran a few miles at the end. I told my friend that I would like to feel that way every day. He did not actually laugh at me but I got the feeling he thought I was being a little optimistic. I have not felt that good since. Today feels like it mat=y have a chance,of course it is only eleven am

smallerer town

Turns out my new house used to belong to my young sons classmate.Really brings home the tragedy of the economic collapse