Saturday, April 29, 2017

On Morals

I see that we all justify our own bad behavior based on the fact that we are upset that someone else behaved the same way.
       We vilify Trump and it is okay because others vilified Obama and continue to vilify Ms. Clinton. It is justified even though useless and childish and petty because the "others" did it.
     Just like my ten year old son. Of course, in his case it is not encouraged. In fact it is recognized for what it is.
   We should not encourage each other in tribalistic glorification and vilification.
If there is moral strength, it is universal. Not this thing we do now in which if "our side" did it, it is good and if "their side" did it, it is evil.
So how do we go beyond this? I see it all the time in family and politics and it seems to make life worse for most

Friday, April 28, 2017

on hope and motivation

There is a thing called hope.
My friend says hope is a passive word that makes the user of the word or thought just as passive as the word. He claims that those with intent will have a chance to succeed those who hope are doomed to fail in whatever they hope to achieve.
 I find hope helpful. When I have hope I have intent and motivation and drive, now that is a whole different subject9 what motivates people) I hope to "save" the world. There is absolutely no way I can do that so I have spent years in confusion and putting my energy here and there in a random way.
  Now I have heard from my mom that the pueblo people that she and my dad spent time with did not consider a person an adult until that person was 52 years old, as it happens I am 52 right now.

Back to that old hopey changey thing. Another friend has a phrase, false hope. We have not gotten the opportunity to speak more in detail so I ran with what I suspect she means. There is a way in which many people hope Jesus will fix everything and a way in which people hope that things will work out in a passive way. The false hope is when someone does not tell you the true extent of what needs to be done or the true probability of success. When the person finds the true extent of the issue they are confronted with they often feel betrayed or hopeless or both. then the poop hits the windmill.

So how does one motivate oneself or others to do good? When there is no hope my little group quits. When there is hope my friends group are passive. My other friends group sees hope as a false flag that is waved I the faces of people on purpose or out of fear of the person giving up when they here truth.