Saturday, April 29, 2017

On Morals

I see that we all justify our own bad behavior based on the fact that we are upset that someone else behaved the same way.
       We vilify Trump and it is okay because others vilified Obama and continue to vilify Ms. Clinton. It is justified even though useless and childish and petty because the "others" did it.
     Just like my ten year old son. Of course, in his case it is not encouraged. In fact it is recognized for what it is.
   We should not encourage each other in tribalistic glorification and vilification.
If there is moral strength, it is universal. Not this thing we do now in which if "our side" did it, it is good and if "their side" did it, it is evil.
So how do we go beyond this? I see it all the time in family and politics and it seems to make life worse for most

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