Wednesday, February 29, 2012

why 2

I never did figure out even why I run much less why others run although I have read that we have an epidemic of competitive running especially in the young in the USA. I will continue to look into it.
Right now I am headed out the door for another run

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Why do we run? A simple question. except that it is not.
Humans run to catch food right? That is the theory and or story that I have always heard. Wolves and humans evolved to jog all day and thereby wear out catch and eat a most efficient source or energy. Other animals.
 there no longer seems to be a need for us to chase down horses Mammoths or Buffaloes. So many humans do not run.
Most people claim now to run for fun or fitness. For some reason I do not think that these are the primary reasons for our self imposed forced exercise. I Will pretend to some insight into why all those other poor ignorant souls actually run,but first i will to a feeble stab at self knowledge. Why do I run? I have been told that I will live longer. I sometimes actually feel good while running but it seems to me that mainly I run because it reminds me of the good part of using track and field as psychological survival during what some may call a difficult childhood. The years I spent competing in the horse world I thought I should be running but I never did. I could claim that it was an exhausting lifestyle, but I can also admit that I mat have a psychological need for "competition" I use quotes because I jog or run in the arroyos and on the trail and only compete against or run with the ghosts in my own past.  more later


I have 3 dogs who are all friendly peaceful animals. Lately I have noticed a pattern> The oldest dog has become a little aggressive towards strange dogs. Today we were all out walking and the neighbors big dog and my dog were growling and circling each other. My young dog went and got between them much like much like a person trying to get two angry people to calm down. It worked. I am curious as to why he broke up the budding conflict and how his actions worked. It seems very similar to primate actions. Is he making peace so h wont have to fight? is he being altruistic? I look forward to seeing more such interactions

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Soren who is 5 years old often sings to himself and it sounds very good to me(although Tone deaf is an understatement)
This morning he is singing about Santa Claus. I ask him if he wants to be a singer when he grows up. He says no.
Well what do you want to do when you grow up.
"well singing is playing"
"Not that kind of singing. I am going to play with toys"

Friday, February 17, 2012


So not only have I lost a molar(the dentist would not even let me bring it home for a funeral) I have been so bothered by sports talk radio that I sent them an e-mail questioning their integrity. Well I am hoping that it is the hydrocone that I am taking to deal with the pain from the dentist. Older persons may remember Laurence Olivier from Marathon Man treating Dustin Hoffman for memory loss. Certainly I cannot explain such an action as taking sports talk radio seriously otherwise. I do have to say though that in general sports talk seems smarter and more honest than political talk radio. Well I try to keep most of this commentary in the other blog.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Murphy's first law "There is never enough time to do it right.
Of cours my version is always "If i can just sort of finish today. I came come back at some indeterminate time in the future and fix all the little parts that I do not have time to get right today. Of course what seems to happn is whatever the project is stays half **sed for the rest of it's shelf life
 Ah well if something is worth doing it is worth doing half *ssed( I like the one * better but I don't haave timee too prooof red tonit. thres alwsy tommmroo
I have a problem with Murphy. He is always chattering in my ear and distracting me. If only he would shut up and let me think there would be enough time to do the things I want to do.
  Seriously. Even with this Blog all I can think about is how to post quickly so it does not get lost or something. Fear of not getting it done is my bugaboo speaking of which I GOTTA Go

The tooth

I had not b to the dentist in a few years so when I  saw the ad for a $39 checkup I decided to go  in. It being a small world and all the receptionist was my nieces best friend so we chatted for a while about family, bad marriages and whatnot. When I finally get called to the back the dentist does the cleaning himself. When I complain of cold sensitivity he advises flouride coating and also tells me I need a crown because I have a cracked molar. No wonder I chew only on the right side. When I go in two weeks later the tooth is all cracked up. After the crown the pain is nearly intolerable. I go in for bite adjustments and the dentist tells me we are going to have to replace the crown. Turns out the tooth is all broken up and has to be removed. Also turns out to be infected. Now I need a replacement. The dentist is surprised that the tooth had not been hurting before treatment started. I think that the complaints were drowned out by the neck pain the arthritic finger and the back pain. WELCOME TO MIDDLE AGE

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Up all night (well 11 till 3) with coughing kid. 6:50 help dress kids for school 7:10 no coffee in house. Feel like c$$p. jog or hot bath? fill bath star laundry read a little. Will feel better if I run. Allright find shoes swim trunks and sweat top whoa it is f$$cking freezing. Very loud voice in my head saying turn around, go home.  into the arroyo wildlife trail rabbit tracks, coyote too. Complete silence except for me. Ten minutes before any relief from cold and stiffness. 25 minutes and back to the house. I do feel a little better.