Thursday, February 16, 2012

The tooth

I had not b to the dentist in a few years so when I  saw the ad for a $39 checkup I decided to go  in. It being a small world and all the receptionist was my nieces best friend so we chatted for a while about family, bad marriages and whatnot. When I finally get called to the back the dentist does the cleaning himself. When I complain of cold sensitivity he advises flouride coating and also tells me I need a crown because I have a cracked molar. No wonder I chew only on the right side. When I go in two weeks later the tooth is all cracked up. After the crown the pain is nearly intolerable. I go in for bite adjustments and the dentist tells me we are going to have to replace the crown. Turns out the tooth is all broken up and has to be removed. Also turns out to be infected. Now I need a replacement. The dentist is surprised that the tooth had not been hurting before treatment started. I think that the complaints were drowned out by the neck pain the arthritic finger and the back pain. WELCOME TO MIDDLE AGE

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