Saturday, February 25, 2012


Why do we run? A simple question. except that it is not.
Humans run to catch food right? That is the theory and or story that I have always heard. Wolves and humans evolved to jog all day and thereby wear out catch and eat a most efficient source or energy. Other animals.
 there no longer seems to be a need for us to chase down horses Mammoths or Buffaloes. So many humans do not run.
Most people claim now to run for fun or fitness. For some reason I do not think that these are the primary reasons for our self imposed forced exercise. I Will pretend to some insight into why all those other poor ignorant souls actually run,but first i will to a feeble stab at self knowledge. Why do I run? I have been told that I will live longer. I sometimes actually feel good while running but it seems to me that mainly I run because it reminds me of the good part of using track and field as psychological survival during what some may call a difficult childhood. The years I spent competing in the horse world I thought I should be running but I never did. I could claim that it was an exhausting lifestyle, but I can also admit that I mat have a psychological need for "competition" I use quotes because I jog or run in the arroyos and on the trail and only compete against or run with the ghosts in my own past.  more later

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