Monday, November 26, 2012


A lot of information coming in about spirituality and the the advent of war. A small article in the NYT about zombie bees may have the answer. All you zombie freaks out there ,my apologies. You were right. Apparently there are parasites that take over bee brains ,make them do stupid things and then eat them from the inside out.  Not too big a step from bees too humans eh?  So the parasites cause war injustice and unhappiness and then eat our brains.
     According to scientific American 42% of our DNA is primate, the rest is any number of symbiotes parasites hitchhikers and who knows what. Makes you think does it not? Of course maybe some non human is controlling our thoughts ?
  ps. spellcheck does not like symbiotes. Wikipedia says that they are a marvel comics invention, aliens who take over humans.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

First world whining

So I have gotten some grief for complaining about the inconvenience of running in my new high faluting neighborhood.
   I guess it is true I could think of at least two people who wish they had my problems.

Monday, November 5, 2012

the medium is the message

TV in capitals reminds of Walker Percy's book The Medium Is The Message. Now I have to find it somewhere and read it so I know what he is talking about. Not as fun as just making stuff up out of dimly remembered sociology class and conversations with the Cheeks and my Mom, but it seems more ... adult, I guess although listening to sports and political pundits maybe doing research is not very common. It does seem that the sports talking heads(not the musicians) are more willing to back their bold sweeping statements with research and facts,but My theory is that is only because there is less at stake for them than the political persons. Any way as my sister and my friend Alessandra keep reminding me, " there is always the library.
  So any way to make a long and winding thought a little less unintelligible, maybe it does not matter what you are doing while the TV is on because the medium is destroying my soul by its very nature? I guess I'll go to the library and ask Percy

Sunday, November 4, 2012


I am not liking my new location. I have this weird idea that I should be able to comfortably run from my home. Of course my definition of comfortable is the adjustable here. I have to run on roads (Anathema) or on Highway right of way to get to arroyos which run through peoples(another running no-no, other humans that is) backyards for several miles before I get to privacy.
  I know that people will say "why not drive somewhere?" Well.. doesn't that seem silly?Why would I spend valuable fuel and wear and tear on my vehicle in order to go somewhere to practice going places?
  My answer is I would not. It bothers me. I do not mind running on a treadmill while watching TV because the I am mixing a favorite activity with an exercise and it is convenient.(Huh. Spellcheck tells me that tv just like god is supposed to be capitalized...definitely a subject unto itself)