Monday, November 26, 2012


A lot of information coming in about spirituality and the the advent of war. A small article in the NYT about zombie bees may have the answer. All you zombie freaks out there ,my apologies. You were right. Apparently there are parasites that take over bee brains ,make them do stupid things and then eat them from the inside out.  Not too big a step from bees too humans eh?  So the parasites cause war injustice and unhappiness and then eat our brains.
     According to scientific American 42% of our DNA is primate, the rest is any number of symbiotes parasites hitchhikers and who knows what. Makes you think does it not? Of course maybe some non human is controlling our thoughts ?
  ps. spellcheck does not like symbiotes. Wikipedia says that they are a marvel comics invention, aliens who take over humans.


  1. I just reread The Devil is Dead by R. A. Lafferty. Part of the premise of the book is that Neanderthal Man did not entirely disappear--he is hiding out in the human genome, waiting until enough pure Neanderthals are born in a generation to overthrow humanity.

  2. My premise is that Neanderthal was nice and could not bring themselves to kill the new murderous them.