Monday, November 5, 2012

the medium is the message

TV in capitals reminds of Walker Percy's book The Medium Is The Message. Now I have to find it somewhere and read it so I know what he is talking about. Not as fun as just making stuff up out of dimly remembered sociology class and conversations with the Cheeks and my Mom, but it seems more ... adult, I guess although listening to sports and political pundits maybe doing research is not very common. It does seem that the sports talking heads(not the musicians) are more willing to back their bold sweeping statements with research and facts,but My theory is that is only because there is less at stake for them than the political persons. Any way as my sister and my friend Alessandra keep reminding me, " there is always the library.
  So any way to make a long and winding thought a little less unintelligible, maybe it does not matter what you are doing while the TV is on because the medium is destroying my soul by its very nature? I guess I'll go to the library and ask Percy

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