Sunday, November 4, 2012


I am not liking my new location. I have this weird idea that I should be able to comfortably run from my home. Of course my definition of comfortable is the adjustable here. I have to run on roads (Anathema) or on Highway right of way to get to arroyos which run through peoples(another running no-no, other humans that is) backyards for several miles before I get to privacy.
  I know that people will say "why not drive somewhere?" Well.. doesn't that seem silly?Why would I spend valuable fuel and wear and tear on my vehicle in order to go somewhere to practice going places?
  My answer is I would not. It bothers me. I do not mind running on a treadmill while watching TV because the I am mixing a favorite activity with an exercise and it is convenient.(Huh. Spellcheck tells me that tv just like god is supposed to be capitalized...definitely a subject unto itself)  


  1. Sounds like your mom. However, she also held the point of view that it was weird to walk or run on a treadmill, period.
    Sometimes I go to the gym, which is really weird considering I have a nice decomposed granite hike-n-bike trail just down the street.
    I remember trying to tell your mom that moving on the treadmill was a different type of moving and sometimes really worth it - but I've felt slightly guilty ever since.

  2. Who was this anonymous poster? Anyone who was friends with your mom can't be all bad, and might as well trumpet the fact.