Thursday, March 22, 2012


During spring break the boys and I were invited to join a trip to the Albuquerque zoo. Friday afternoon we headed down to join the group. When we got there we discovered to my horror that everybody else in New Mexico had the same idea. After a mild panic attack(real men don't experience this) I made an executive decision and we bagged the zoo trip.
  The boys were disappointed so I decided to take them to lunch and a movie. We came back to Santa Fe and hit the Plaza Bakery by the new theatre on the west side. I ordered breakfast and the boys ordered chips. When the bacon and pancakes came Soren decided he wanted bacon and took all of mine. Ben was working on his chips and Guacamole, he looked up and said "Wow I love pancakes with syrup!" We all set to serious eating for 2-3 minutes. Soren (Who is 5) said "Hey Daddy you could give Ben some of your pancakes." I was surprised and felt a little embarrassed that a 5 year old would be paying more attention to subtleties than I. Needless to say when I asked Ben if he would indeed like pancakes right now the answer was affirmative.
 I handed over some pancake and we all happily had lunch and went to see The Lorax.

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