Tuesday, August 20, 2013


So I went to my nice friendly Credit Union to get a loan for a new car.
 Nice friendly Loretta took one look at me and started jumping me through a bunch of flaming hoops.
   I rebelled and went to the dealer and got a loan from....... another credit union that did not even know me(Del Norte)
  Of course I am now hurt because obviously Loretta must have not liked my pretty face.

Talking to a friend about my hurt feelings. She could not get a car loan from her nice little credit union. (del norte)  So she had to go get the dealer to get her a loan from some other credit union.......

Familiarity does breed contempt?!?!


  1. Or does familiarity just breed knowledge of banking history? What vehicle did you wind up getting? For that matter, what manner of vehicular end of life arrangements did you have to make, did your last truck have a living will?

  2. So if a bank does not know me they will give me a loan....
    The old Ford is on life support still. He may go part time if he can be saved. Yup no drastic measures

  3. And what are the new wheels that are forcing you into wage slavery?

    1. 2008 chevy silverado 4 wheel drive suicide doors 72,000 miles