Thursday, January 2, 2014


Early last year I decided that I would run an average of one mile per day for the year.
  I started out slow and it looked hopeless right away. I kept up a slight effort in spite of the fact that not only was I already behind, running was a distant 4th on my priority list between work kids and other priorities.
  By late April I was hopelessly behind. I heard from somebody that if one does an activity every day for 28 days it becomes a habit, so I decided to run 3.1 miles a day every day for May. Between all my other priorities it was a great strain, but I did it.
  \I quite quickly found that it may become a habit but it still takes a great effort to maintain a "habit" that does not easily fit...
  Desultory effort through the summer, really busy in September so 0 that is right zero miles..
 In spite of the fact that it was now near impossible to meet my goal I kept running whenever  desire energy and priorities allowed.
   On thanksgiving I noticed that I only had 90 miles to make 365 so I decided to make it a priority.
By the 15th of December I realized that I had been 30 miles optimistic in my math.. Of course by then I was so close that it was within reach in spite of or perhaps because of my math "error"
 So in spite of many factors including priorities my perseverance in a relatively small and pretty hopeless matter ended in success

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