Thursday, February 13, 2014

Things not to do

A kangaroo rat took up residence in my work truck a while ago. Building nests here and there...
  Finally built a nest in the heater area. Causing problems
After a few futile attempts to capture or remove, I got a glue trap and baited it with a hotdog.
  The scene that greeted me in the morning was horrific...
  Note to self. "Never EVER use a glue trap

1 comment:

  1. Best rodent trap I ever came up with: Take a tall, narrow garbage can with smooth sides. Put a ramp up to the lip. cover the top with a piece of paper that has been cut to open in an X pattern in the middle. Put some peanut butter in the bottom of the can and coat the tips of the opening in the paper with peanut butter. The rodents climb out on the paper to get to the peanut butter and fall through, but the can is too smooth inside to climb out of and too tall to jump out of.

    And you could write a good depressing nihilistic short story from the point of view of the kangaroo rat caught in the glue trap.