Thursday, November 10, 2016

The wandering heart

So we start in the middle as all good stories must 😊🙀
A fella travels to an ocean town to court a wondrous lady she is sweet and kind and generous
Helps him reunite with old friend
Instrumental in reconciliation between long lost brother and of course amazing sister in law
Wonder lady,or girl if one prefers,( though feminism card is then revoked)
Shows him many amazing things
Yet at the end against the advice of the obligatory old wise woman in the organic garden 😢😢😢
I will not leave my seaside home
I cannot love a man who leaves his children in his desert eyrie so you must fly home all alone and leave me and not think of me again
Poor fella drags his lonely self back to high sad dwelling only to realize he he something behind
A happy heart ❤️ who apparently only does as he wishes dances on the. Each in Santa Cruz a marshmallow stick held high
In spite of his non swimmer status he plays with shark and sea lion
Enjoys a meal of trilobite
When tired he wanders up to Rachel's home for company wine and song
When tracked down by sad and lonely he laughs and says you left too soon
Come home now young fool 😡
Happy wandering heart hollers and says heck no the lovely Marta is here and here I stay happy and delighted until I decide
What the am I supposed to
Wait old fool wait
How will you sustain
Love and of course the house of Rachel he hollers back

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