Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I have spent my life just being me and of course surviving( I was going to say trying, but it is obvious that I am still alive.
  I lived through the bumps and dips of an interesting childhood. I have been married and divorced twice.

In 46 years I had never been REALLY mad and now I am

This is an interesting experience. Not the least is how many people tell that I should not be mad.
  "Good people do not get mad" "What happened was not that bad" and on and on.

Of course I always had an irritable stomach. Now the stomach is a lot better.
44 years of adroitly or clumsily avoiding conflict and internalizing any sense of injustice and it takes a personal attack by my sisters and brothers to wake me up to that.

I am finding a lot of work to actually deal with feelings of injustice and anger instead of burying them and have a stomach ache. Dealing with peoples response to me having feelings. Directing the actions these feelings ask for in a good direction.....

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