Monday, July 8, 2013

Evil Bankers and the mortgage joke

Even that Famous Jewish Carpenter couldn't find anything good to say about these guys.
   So we let them run our world because they are rich and rich people are better than poor people because God gives money to those he likes.

  Mother Teresa being a good example.
  Sam Walton being another
There is mounting scientific evidence that wealthy people ARE less honest than poor people. Those who study economics are less moral than other professions.
    Anyway some people do not seem to understand my anger, well unbridled rage really at being forced into a mortgage. A) they are instruments of evil. And B) I had it worked out so I would not have to have one.
  My sister made a smart ass remark that I could just sell my house and then I would not have a mortgage.
  I think she was trying to goad me and it worked! So since I am against mortgages I should be homeless? Or rent from a banker?
  Some equate a mortgage with home ownership. They have been hoodwinked into the financial servitude system that helps to keep us voting for evil.
  The bankers and investors are happily buying houses wholesale and then renting them back to the public at inflated prices so that our freedom of thought is even more impinged upon by fear.
  Until my ex-family changed their minds and screwed me in our estate dealings I was well on my way to a modicum of freedom. Now I am 30 years away.. They seem to expect me to forget this or shrug and say well this is life.
The fact that my family was directly and purposely involved with this makes me doubly ragefull.
  I will direct this rage as much as possible to removing this monkey from my back. Any way my ex family helps me in that regard is welcome. Otherwise they are just more strangers on the street from whom I must protect my wallet.
  I am okay with those of you who are happy with or resigned to being ripped off by BOA Wells Fargo and the rest.

   As for myself. Not happening!

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