Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Car deals

So the old blue truck just quit one day... I had been told by two different mechanics over a period of a year that maybe it was time for a new vehicle.
  I was hoping to get one more year at 280,000 miles.
The 2 boys and and I luckily coasted into the parking lot of the gas station on the corner of  Siler and Agua Fria streets. I called my buddy Tommy who had just told me not to spend the $700 for all new fluids and new fuel filter. "I don't work on diesels Annon." He gave me the number of Lee the tow truck guy and Ernie Clark who works on fleets.
  My buddy Tommy had told me that the new Chevy with the 5.3 litre engine was the best, I of course wanted what Ben's Nana calls a toaster. The Honda Element. So the boys and I drove the really cool(until we got it and destroyed it) 2001 golf (4 door hatchback and apparently NOT 4X4) to the Honda dealer. Naturally they no longer make the goshdarn thing.. On they way out we cruised into the Chevy dealer and they just happened to have sitting on the lot all by itself a used longbed with seating for 6. i cruised and signed a bunch of papers and convinced myself I needed the $2800 extended warranty.  Poor salesman had to drive the golf to my house.
  Of course it turns out the toaster is not the element but something called the scion. As usual attention to detail...
  I put all the tools in and a camper top on the white truck and it started shifting funny. I drove by the dealer and the little service manager told me they would not look at it without and appointment...
 Meanwhile the old truck is still in intensive care and Ernie Clark keeps telling me manana...
 So I am happily driving the truck with satellite radio and thinking I will just leave the blue truck behind.
  One day out of the blue I get a phone call from Ernie that I ow him $2,648.  OUCH! I go down and give my right arm... The blue truck is rejuvenated! Better than it has been in years!
  The new used white truck changes gears a little funny, actually it did not want to shift out of 4 wheel drive.
 I took it down to (I  know, never change tenses mid narrative...) the dealer and the nice guy up front took me back to the service area where a grumpy little stiltksin tried to refuse to look at it. I finally got him to pretend to look.. He said it was fine.
 Fast forward to first oil change. First let me say that these new vehicles seem to gt a little upset about neglect of any sort...
  The truck goes to the dealer and the say yup it does not change gears correctly and that will cost you... Right there I interrupted and told him I had bought that stupid $3,000.00 warranty. Poor guy.
  So they give me a ride home and I call every day for 11 days, while driving the rejuvenated Ford..
  Finally they call me and I ask them to come get me. Of course the ride guy cannot find my house... Finally pickup the truck and drive off.
 The next day I pull out in front of somebody and floor it to avoid inconveniencing them and the truck is stuck in first gear. The dealer says I can bring the truck in Monday...
  I drop the truck off and they offer me a ride home. I tell them I need a loaner.. So brand new four door 4 wheel drive 3/4 ton Silverado? Yup!
  So now the boys and I are cruising around in our brand new truck impressing all the girls while the dealer fights with the warranty company over  vehicle repair on a truck that has 70,000 miles on it.  

  to be continued


  1. wait wait, so what about the white truck?

  2. The story is growing. What had been wrong with the blue truck?