Wednesday, November 6, 2013


SO the blue truck... Well it had a bad cam sensor and a bad ICP sensor.
 Ernie had Sean fixed those no luck.. Then they got a p1208 code that they had to look up.  No oil pressure in the fuel injection system. apparently these trucks use a separate oil pump to pressurize the diesel.
 Then they ran out of time and Ernie's truck quit in Hobbs when he was taking his daughter to college
  Sean watched a few videos to check and make sure it was not one of the dozens of other things that never go wrong nut are much cheaper to fix. finally they tried to save me money by getting a secondary market high pressure oil pump. It did not fit. Luckily, I think.
  finally the truck was ready


  1. Meanwhile, is the white truck languishing at the dealer with a bum tranny?

  2. they got permission to operate today!