Sunday, July 17, 2016

adventure continued

I was a few years single at the time and was happily and confidently waiting for someone to move from far away to be with me . she was being to my mind a little wishy washy about moving .
  Anyway prom date friended me on facebook and we started chatting. It turned out she was coming to Albuquerque the next month for another dressage judging clinic and didn't have a place to stay
   I, of course, offered my place....
 She came up on a Thursday and went with me on a day of hoofcare and chatting then dinner.
 There was a palpable tension.
  The next day she was off to judging school in ABQ, then back to my place.
   There was some doubt as to what was going to happen next, but there was a huge noisy thunderstorm and wet dogs jumped into the guest bed in the night...

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