Wednesday, July 13, 2016

I found this out as I was drinking scotch and watching football at my good friend Michael Rawn's house
 A phone call from Karen Nord She was keeping my horses for me so when the caller id came up I immediately feared the worst, colic!! It turned out she was in Albuquerque at a dressage judging clinic and had someone who needed to speak to me
  I heard that once familiar voice and was transported back to the glory days of high school"Do you remember me?"
 Of course I did. Sarah McCowan the "Swiss Miss" who was a genius and who had asked me to high school prom. I had not been going because I felt that it was another way to oppress women, but when a cute girl needed help... anyway had not seen each other since I had accompanied her to check out CSU in Denver after prom.  We chatted for a few moments and hung up. Me feeling unsettled but back to the mind numbing vices of drink and spectating modern day gladiators.
  the next day I got a friend request from Jacqueline Sarah Cowan, "Jacquie" if one wanted to annoy her.
  She had changed to her fathers last name after finding that her mom had changed from Jacqueline Sarah Cowan to Sarah Mccowan to hide from Sarah's father..

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