Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Cultures and uniformity

   I consistently argue that the uniform hides the man.

So far I seem to be a minority of one.

Baggy pants? A youngster trying to fit in. Or maybe a budding drug dealer gangster....

The lady who comes to school meeting in her pajamas?  Disrepectful ignorant angry rebel. Or maybe she doesn't care what society thinks

Military uniform?  Hero of  0 faults? Or order obeying killer...

Man in a suit? Successful moral leader.  Or the man who deliberately tanked the economy for millions or billions.

But if you can't trust the uniform ....

That is too scary for most. This means you would have to be open and thoughtful and vulnerable every time you met a new person.

You would have to judge words and actions over time.

Way too much work... for most

A few have told me that they can tell a persons attitude and whether they respect and have self respect by the way they dress.

A demur. I believe that if you understand another persons culture family and environment , you then have a good chance of understanding what, if any , message they are trying to convey through their clothes.

Otherwise it is just a shot in the dark

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