Thursday, May 11, 2017

The power of belief

       The belief in evil makes it stronger.

What is evil? Fear seems the harbinger of actions that we generally name evil. Killing stealing hoarding...

    The belief that there is not enough, which has been untrue for several hundred years now is the excuse for violence and hatred.

     The true tragedy is that those of us who believe in good are far outnumbered by those who worship fear.

     The gods of war and violence prey on our moral weakness and cause us to fight and then to lionize the killers.

    We live in the false belief that the best killers are our moral compass. The few who know the truth are overwhelmed by the fearful who ridicule and laugh at peace and empathy, foolishly and blindly thinking that fear and violence breed goodness and peace.

     What then do we do? They will not reason and their beliefs will bring death and they will smile in the false faith in isolation.

     It is so easy to move to the "dark side" and start vilifying and "making the enemy" and celebrating violent victory, yet the fire of pain and fear burns ever brighter with each misdeed.


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