Monday, May 7, 2012


So I had a couple of great runs during which I could pretend to be getting fit. Then I got sore. Still sore I guess from outrunning my mild state of middle aged fitness I dropped the kids off with Mom after ten days and drove home feeling tired and lethargic. I forced myself to stop and try to find a pair of shoes that fit and came home early to sit and vegetate.
   at 7 I finally get up to go on a 2 mile jog so I can feel puritanically moral. the wind is 30 mph in my face and my feet and my knees hurt. inhaling dust and now my lungs hurt. I sure will be glad when I warm up in 20 minutes, of course by then I will be back home.
20 minutes later I still feel just as bad but I notice a new trail that I have not run before,"Wonder where that goes" " Hey look an old road I'll just follow that for a  few minutes then turn around.
Everything including my feet still hurts,but if I just go to the end of this road and turn left I will hit a new arroyo and I can head upstream then head home.
2 hours later with not one single comfortable step I am home; A good puritan! Then I crack open a beer.

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