Saturday, May 19, 2012


So the other day I tried to turn the new android phone off. After a long search I found that you push the upper right hand corner of the phone, then you get a message asking"silent, airplane mode, or power off?" I f you have the temerity to press power off you get a nice message"Are you sure? Phone WILL shut down?"
  I guess it is not safe to wander around alone without the comfort of a powered up phone.
  Yesterday I did neglect my phone and the battery ran down and my young son and I were abandoned in the wilds of New Mexico for hours. We even had to surprise people by showing up in the flesh and talk to them in person. very awkward. When I finally got to a power source the android came back on without even a mention of where she had been or apology for leaving us on our own for so long.

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