Friday, May 25, 2012


Being an unorganized person I never know where or when I will be working. This is a little upsetting to my clients. Nobody wants to sit waiting for the cable.. uh farrier. Now my friend says that I need to explain what a farrier is. I of course informed her that if you do not know what a farrier is you probably do not need one.
Wait.. I have had issues with persons not understanding me because they do not have mind reading abilities like my brother Joe and my friend Kevin Cheek. With either of these people I will say something like"that rock uhm ..." And either one of them will say yup we need to do something about it. So my friends complain because what rock where when? When I go back and read my posts it seems like 1/2  or maybe 1/3  of my vastly entertaining and interesting thought made it onto the into the computer which seems like a person a rather rude and uncooperative person.    Anyway I am making an effort to turn thoughts into words. So this has led to a little leakage of the inside words into the outside world. Also looking back at this blog maybe the cryptic version is better.
  Obviously not joking about unorganized. What was I talking about? Oh yeah mindreading. difficult for us who sort read each other change to talk only. Plus I learned to ignore body language because(my theory) I grew up around body language liars which is very unusual and confusing.
  Speaking of add I was attracted to an article whose headline was "Are men attracted to dumb women?" Interesting, I thought. The article started talking about science and how questionaires work and  controls and all others sort of info. Some of which i already knew. I got bored and distracted and irritable did not finish the article. Funny thing is that men looking for hookup look for dumb drunk or aggressive (easy) while men looking for relationship seem to look for smart stable confident. Funny. 10 minutes of reading to learn what I already knew because I could not resist dumb and women in the same sentence. Oh well time for some more spiritual growth and soul searching.
 Now as an ADD I would never read this whole blog. Maybe somebody out there has more staying power

S**t!!! I forgot all about the skull. Next time?

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  1. Was it a skull you saw on a run, or your own?