Sunday, February 3, 2013

Just one of those things

Last May I accidentally volunteered for a school fundraiser,an auction for Acquia Madre School. I showed up and they put me in charge of "security" wandering around the jewelry making sure that nobody pocketed anything while acting nice. So I showed up late as usual and was greeted by this hot c..uh beautiful woman in a  little black dress who directed me to the jewelry table and bade me stand around and look nice.
 So I found out her name was        and of course I stayed late to help with the breakdown(because I came late, not because of the little black dress). Anyway turns out that her son is in my sons class and she is single like me. So of course being me I do not do anything about this for months and months.
    Fast forward to the next school year(proof that I am a fast worker) I bump into her at a PTC (PTA for us older folks) and call her up later to discuss the meeting during this talks it slips out that I find her very attracted to her. Of course her response is the standard "let's just be friends." I don't say anything but in my head I am. "I already got 4, maybe 3, or so friends why do I need more?"
  Segue (still remember the day I learned this word, very upsetting experience having my little brother use a word I did not know) to health issues. I have always had, how do you say this delicately?  .... a sensitive stomach and have always managed it(or not) without comment or noticing(self absorbed?) that some other people did not have this experience(sort of like my childhood) excuse the over use of whachamacallits() I recently realized that only few people can read between the lines and they all know me from waay back so I am trying to use all the words that I think, very difficult task as a am a fast thinker and slow typer er ist I mean.
  Where was I ? Oh yeah the hot... person. Anyway Susanna(named changed to protect the guilty)  forced me to watch a movie about Polly where the Ben Stiller character has something called IBS. AHA. thank DR. comedy. So I had an epiphany and a name for something that had existed for years. (naming, another treatise soon)
   So fast forward from Polly (Rachel, if anyone is interested) a few years to a beautiful naturopath and a shy guy with a weird disorder.
    So long story short I am losing my treasured syndrome and still only friends.  Oh well there's always arthritis or something

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