Monday, February 11, 2013

School daze?

So kindergartner and 2d grader are supposed to make valentines at home for school. Ben comes home with some sort of stuff for supplies. We buy some paper for Soren to cut out and make Valentines.
   Monday night we remember  the valentines . We start making them and Soren will not let me help cut the paper. Ben is on his own and makes a couple with glue sticks and such. Soren is busy slicing up paper with peace signs on it and writing in the same color ink so the names are invisible. Suddenly Soren needs help. Trex (on the back of peace signs ) needs his teeth cut out. I help him thinking that it is a special valentine. Nope "I just wanted to draw him. Now Soren is doing some crazy art project and Ben wants to buy pre-made valentines. 

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