Sunday, March 3, 2013


The last 6 years of my life have been very stressful. Or should I say interesting. Stress can be a subjective experience as we all pretend to know.
  I come from a smart and intellectual family, which of course made me a strong anti-intellectual. Anyway I have figured out that there are different kinds of knowing(I know I know, there are probably a billion treatises on this very subject).
   By the way I love word processors er...computers. When I was a wee little bairn there were these things called typewriters and they were horrible. One little mistake and you had to throw the whole page away until of course somebody invented white out or liquid paper. Which turned out to be a drug but that is a whole different story. Now carbon paper... that was cool stuff...
   Where was I? Oh yea stress. Well since my external living experience has settled down. End of estate battles moving three times divorce etc. Friends have been telling me that I have lost weight("You look good ,have you lost weight?") I still weigh the same so this started my thinking on the ubiquitous First world issue of fatness and goodness. What is that saying? "You can never be too thin too young or too rich."
   So I am no longer all stressed out I look... not happy not healthy.... I look thin. Interesting. A person who is thin is good a person who is fat is bad? unhealthy? lacks willpower?
   The funny thing is that in the "good old days" a fat person was known to be rich. The theory is that before food was plentiful a fat person was someone who had access to vast resources. A  thin person was a person who lacked the ability to obtain enough calories.
  With the advent of processed food the whole world is turned upside downside. Fatness is called obesity and is the property of the poor who " do not have the moral fibre to get rich" or the"self control" to avoid food that cause obesity. Foods that the human body has adapted to with low caloric value high fiber and vitamin and mineral content are now expensive and hard to find. So poor and or overworked people tend to eat high calorie low fiber foods to fill up on. Of course stress reactions caused the "munchies" and cortisol release which both cause weight gain. So in first world countries the poor are fat and fat is judged as morally inferior and has actual health side affects such as heart disease and diabetes.
  So what happens when I feel less stressed? I have lost weight!

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