Friday, March 8, 2013

cross cultural communicatio

  This matter has been on my mind since Kevin wrote to me about the woman giving a man dog food.
  For some reason I recently looked up dehumanize the other day. It seems to fit into the whole communication thing.
  There are several social change groups who are strong advocates that most if not all human conflict is rooted in (after fear) our inability to accurately communicate with each other. (the reevaluation counseling community and Marshal Rosenberg nonviolent communication group both come to mind.)
  I over the last 6 years have struggled with this with my brothers and sisters after our mother's death. How much of what happened was our inability to communicate and actually "hear " what we were saying and meaning. It seems really attractive to hope that it was all lack of ability to truly communicate.
  In some ways the anger and resentment is easier to deal with as one does not have to actually deal with others feelings and reality around hard stuff. On the other hand maybe it is unrealistic to think that if we only could speak true and hear true all would be well.
  As My Mom said on e day not long before she died. "I thought all along that clear communication meant agreement. Now I am not so sure."
   My brother sent me a theory from a theologist that culture had decided that violence was enjoyable and bad in order to create guilt and control groups of people.
  My theory is that we are animals and predators therefore we are/were genetically programmed to kill and every species seems to have some sort of ritualized combat for mating rights. So it seems to me that humanity  is trying to evolve past physical violence as a way to settle disputes and decide whose genes are to be passed on. Of course for humans that is a male centered view of things. Anyway, that is one of my many problems with religion and a lot of philosophy. The belief that we were in a state of grace and need to get back to it. I contend that we were ignorant and are slowly evolving towards a state of grace. 

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