Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bleeping mortgage!

Apparently only John Commuta and I( He is trying to sell something ) HATE mortgages(Thanks Bros). So I have been thinking about this strange reaction from friends and acquaintances. They all seem to think that I am at best obsessed with an insignificant issue. I take issue(or is it umbrage, I just wanted to write the word umbrage(twice!!!). There is a lot of conversation in the civil rights world about poverty and fear being tools for oppression.  A 30 bleeping year mortgage!!! What better way to control a population than to have the big guy owning your house. If a person tries to stand for social justice but there is any threat to their income they will lose their home and be "homeless" a title with judgment fear and distaste and even if they live somewhere else they have no credit because the "man" has control of credit rating industries. So it is a very effective tool for silencing dissent. So.....

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