Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Do not assume! And traffic safety.

A few years ago I noticed that the police started parking in the driving lanes when giving out citations. This bothers me even though I am guessing that somebody did a study somewhere showing that drivers notice the police cars more and therefore run into them less often.
  So every time I see this I am a little irritable with this jerk blocking traffic and causing a hazard(I've never seen this imaginary study) I feel a little bit of "what the bleep are they thinking?"
   Today We are all whizzing down the highway at 65 and there is one of those arrogant jerks parked half in the slow lane with not even a poor captured speeder in front of them. Is seems I was not alone in assuming that this guy is just abusing his power as an officer of the law. Of course it turns out that there was an accident just up the road blocking driving lanes that he was trying to warn us about. So of course several cars became a hazard as we suddenly braked and got out of the fast lane. I do not know why the other cars did not realize the police car was there as a prewarning of the accident. I can only guess that human nature being what it is, they also made false assumption as to why he was there?
    One of those things that sticks in ones head forever is a young man who was killed when he ran into a street sweeper on I25. this morning coming over Tesuque hill a bunch of us north bound commuters got in a logjam behind a street sweeper on 285. Cars were swerving and braking in a not so safe way. Is there a better (safer) way to clean the highways?
   Seems they (by they I mean Al Gore & co.) invented this cool thing called the interwebs or something maybe they know why the cops are in the traffic lanes for routine traffic stops.
  I am back, I could find nothing on this specific issue maybe the interwebs need a tuneup

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  1. Our eighth grade year at prep, we had a classmate who later transferred out of Prep and ultimately dropped out to have a kid at 15. She and her boyfriend stopped to help someone on I-25 one evening--a friend of theirs had a flat tire and was pulled over on the shoulder. Our former classmate and her boyfriend pulled over behind them and got out to offer help. At that point, a drunk driver swung the wrong way when he saw them and killed everyone there on the side of the road, except their baby who was in the cab of their pickup at the time.

    I have always assumed it is events like that that have led the police to park part way into the lane with all lights flashing when stopping to ticket (or even (on that rare occasion when it happens) help someone with a flat tire or some such). I assume they would rather their car be hit than the citizen they've pulled over. That and their cars are usually pretty visible with all the flashing lights, etc, and drunks try to avoid them like the plague.