Thursday, March 14, 2013

Night "run"

I have mentioned this before, I remember clearly the day(actually night) when my home town became too big for me. Whenever I consider moving somewhere smaller , I always think that with 7 BILLION humans on Earth there is a reason that none of them live in Wyoming.
  Anyway when I was in my 20's I continued my tradition of eating a pound of spaghetti a pound of cheese and two cans of tuna (my own personal "pound cake" and going on a midnight run. Anyway on that 2 am I turned for home while running without trails or road and I could not see where I was going because of all the lights in my face. I ended up running into a huge cholla and limping home in a tiny bit of pain.
  So The pretty naturopath convinced me to find out if I have food allergies and has convinced me that I once again need regular exercise.  She recommended yoga. I did my six weeks of yoga in the winter of 1985 and I firmly believe that that is a lifetime supply. So yesterday I ran out  of daylight. My really old track coach had recently told me that there were great headlamps now that made night like day(some sort of biblical end of days?) So I figured what the heck. Of course being me I could not find the fancy $45 headlamp. I did however find the $7 in a cap led light and figured if something is worth doing, it is worth doing halfa%*&d. So at 9 pm I off I went..... at a slow walk. Once I got to the arroyo life was easy and I was running. Although when I was young a run was a desperate race against memories and La Llorona at 6 minute miles. Today a nice relaxing jaunt at 12 to 18 minute miles. After a few minutes I realized that my cheap light was more of a hindrance than a help. I turned off and suddenly I was in a night world . The soft cool breeze caressing me and the night embracing me in a way that I rarely feel. A sense of peace and calm floated with me for the next thirty minutes until I stepped in a hole left by somebodies backhoe. I walked the last bit home, but I felt peace and contentment 


  1. For some decades now, one of the images that has stuck in my mind as a symbol of peace and a sense of well-being and joy is the image of running, late at night down the brick sidewalks of Palace Ave and seeing a light snowfall drift lazily through the pool of light from an overhead streetlight.

    1. And you were often there when that image occurred.