Friday, March 29, 2013


I asked this lady out she said don't you want to keep your freedom and then promptly started dating another fellow. Anyway that depressing fact is not the point of my thinking and the song Bobby McGee where freedom is nothing left to lose.
  So I guess I am not so into the freedom she was talking about. I guess I like responsibility and all the stuff. Of course being me I am not sure that I do not like "freedom" although my history of actions (re priorities ) would seem to confirm that my "freedom" is a home that I stay with and take care of along with anybody involved in that home.
  To others freedom is having no obligations. To me freedom is getting to choose my obligations. As previously noted I now have an obligation to Fannie Mae that I hope I can get out of ahead of schedule,but until them I am chained down by this weird society that thinks that it is ok to have a 30 year obligation for housing?! I still cannot wrap my mind and spirit around this crazy idea.
  More on this. Many people understand that when one person has the power to decide if another eats that is not freedom. for the one on the bottom of the power rung.
   Freedom to the hermit crab is a really good shell. Freedom to the Monarch Butterfly is a whole different thing.  

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