Thursday, March 21, 2013


I have many complaints about the school system and the 2 schools my to wild monkeys go to. However I tend to keep my mouth shut because A) The worst threat in my house for bad behavior, is "No school for you tomorrow sonny!" and B) The faculty and staff of both schools know and like both kids.
   As my little brother said when I commented that my kids like school"Mine too, what is wrong with them?" Our answer is, of course, nothing.
   All I can say is they must be doing something right over there!


  1. Wow, imagine if you had received the same threat for bad behavior.

  2. Of course I never misbehaved... Oh yeah, My Mom always threatened to run away to the crazy house. Funny thing, eventually she did (Los Angeles ,not the state asylum) Anyway for some reason that threat scared me.

  3. If she'd threatened you with no school for misbehaving, would you have started misbehaving?

    Ain't misbehavin'
    I'm just savin' my love....