Wednesday, March 6, 2013

competition? Well more like stream of consciousness

So there seems to be this idea in the schools again that competition is the only way to motivate people.
   Every day at the unconstitutional (under god) pledge of allegiance the principal reminds us that we are behind Acequia and Tesuque in our after school first in math. the winner each month gets a pizza party. The loser? Well I guess they go on welfare.
   Now I am not one to speak out against competition because my focus on Track and Soccer kept me sane during my high school years. Of course I do not remember wanting to beat or humiliate others on my way to victory . It was very clear to me in track that I was running from fear and running towards. joy or life or something positive. I remember liking (too weak a word) being goalie because I knew I was the last line of defense. Anyway as usual I have gotten off track and started 3 subjects when I could have stuck to one, At least I am no longer using one word when ten will do.... I always complain the The New Yorker uses ten when one will do. However when people who do not know try to read stuff I have written, it is often made clear that one must use at least enough words to make sense without psychic interpretation.
  Alright, so it is not the competition that bothers me so what is it?
  It seems too come back to some sort of puritan idea that children do not naturally learn. That we adults must force their recalcitrant lazy ignorant minds and spirits to learn. This also ties into the do everything parents(Who are GREAT, by the way) who keep trying to figure out how to motivate the parents who won'n(can't) help out at the school. I don't say it out loud, but my thought is the ones who can are here doing what needs to be done. There may be some parent sitting around full of energy with nothing to do not at the meeting but not many. Most of those absent parents have issues, whether financial or otherwise that keep them from coming. Although The CPA did laugh when everybody was wondering what word(s) we could use to get more parents to volunteer when I recommended IRS. So maybe it is just as simple is telling parents. You volunteer X hours a week spend the weekend in the pokey.
   Hmm..... way off subject... again... Anyway(A word I seem to way overuse) IO tink that younsters thirsty for knowledge and that the schools forget that.

To make a long story short. Ben is very happy because he came in 3rd on the best boat competition(with veery little help from dad, and both Ben and Soren are totally uninterested in winning the first in math and they both love compass learning which does not beat the snot out of other schools and does not win any pizza contests.

  So now I am concerned that they will not be outer directed enough to succeed financially ion our society that rewards amoral workaholic dehumanizing effort of goodness and cooperation.

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