Monday, March 18, 2013


One of the great evils of our world is the crazy idea that a normal person should think it reasonable to take 30 years,most of ones working life, to pay for a home. I simply fail to see how so many Americans have been hoodwinked into thinking that this OK. I remember some heated arguments with one of my brothers over his kooky theory that he made money with the interest tax credit. Even if you pay %70 on your income you are still spending an extra full dollar to save $.70. This does not make sense. If one has to pay exorbitantly for a home one might as well take advantage of the tax credit. Of course I may be tilting at windmills. It seems that I stand alone in the sensible opinion that a person should just have a home. I do not think that ever in the history of humanity have so many been enslaved to the bankers for our very shelter. Even if shelter took a lot of time it was one's own choice of how much to work on your shelter.
  Here is a big hint that these mortgage thingies are at best a horrible by product of shortsightedness and more likely an instrument of greed perpetrated by greedy intelligent sociopaths on the rest of us. My other brother told me that bailing out the poor and in some cases innocent folks that lost their homes in the last few years would be punishing the folks like him that followed the rules. So instead we bailed out the billionaires who had their personal wealth protected by foreign banks and bankruptcy rules to the tune of several trillion dollars. A friend had the temerity to suggest that a mortgage is just a formality. I said yes until you get sick ,lose your job or have a messy divorce, then you find that if you have a mortgage you don't own your house. A foreign owned bank owns it and you are on way out and if you are lucky you can rent another hose belonging to the same group while they sell your old house to some other poor sucker.
   My friend Alessandra brought up the fact that buying new cars is a bigger waste of money than a mortgage, at least a house appreciates. I 100% agree that buying a fancy car or SUV is a silly waste of money especially if you are not wealthy. Of course we are a society built on image and first impressions so a fancy car gets you the girl (or guy) Anyway this does not make me feel any better about the evils of the 30 year mortgage industry.  more tomorow

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