Saturday, March 9, 2013

competition morality communication

There is a idea in America that was birthed in Europe and the Siberian Steppes that those in power are in power because they are better than those who are not in power. This so permeates our culture that there is a whole swath of us who have no idea that there are other ways of thinking. The "conservatives in America have wholeheartedly embraced this idea. It is not an idea it is a way of being. Bullying banking and all other crimes are Ok under this if you get away with it Lance Armstrong was a hero until he faltered, now he is just another loser. As Warren Zevon wrote for Linda Rondstat "When you lose you lose alone."
  In my mind this is the real evil in America
We have these crazed pundits and preachers screaming about the "traditional family "and homosexuality and those naughty poor who cannot get their act together and all the while we are worshiping at the altar of Mammon. There is no morality in worshipping actors athletes and Donald Trump.

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