Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Good? Evil?

There is a quote from some famous yogi or guru or whatever, " Out beyond good and evil there is a meadow,I will meet you there."
  Being raised in a society that is all about winners(good) and losers(bad) and in a family that was all about good(losers,poor) and bad(winners,rich) I really cannot wrap my mind around this concept.
  There is a state of being in which things just are.?? Interesting. 
  In my family's estate hassling over the last six years we had a mediator who told us about an old Indian story where the young brave tells the wise man about a dream where there are two wolves in his house. An angry slavering mad wolf and a kind caring wolf. The old man tells him these are the two aspects of your spirit battling. The young man says "Which will win?" The old man asks him"Which one will you feed?" This obviously is not an American story. We new Americans seem to feed off anger and violence. 
  Our stories are Dirty Harry and Rambo. I remember a classic John Wayne movie, where his character convinces the peace loving Quakers to take up arms and kill the bad guys Thus they are saved.
   I somehow grew up with this seemingly unpopular idea that morality trumps all. It seems to me that we live in a society, like the Calvinists, that worships success at the expense of all morals. This bothers me but it seems that there is so much pressure from our society that it becomes easier and easier to just give in and be like all the gamblers who created the most recent economic boom and bust. 

  I don't make the rules I just take advantage of them
  Winning isn't everything it is the only thing
  Everybody else is doing it.
  As my Grandfather said."those Indians ought to go back where they came from." His daughter "But Daddy,they were here first.!" 
"Humph, well they should be good losers and go away!"
   So I am very confused about how to get along in a world that rewards on an amoral, if not actually immoral, basis. I know what I think should be rewarded. Altruism moral courage kindness justice etc. I know that in the world none of that matters. Actually I think that is overreaching. there is a strong desire in humans for fairness justice and integrity. Of course some, if not most people see fairness through their own eyes. This means that what is fair to one person or group seems patently unfair to another.
  Property is theft I stole it therefore it is mine. We should all share equally. Two opposite and equal ideas.

 So back to good and evil. I have a feeling (theory) That humans created this ideas. Evil is that which harms us (humans, nations, tribes) Good is that which helps these groups. Then of course there is long term vs short term.

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