Thursday, March 28, 2013


Went to the dentist today for a crown on the titanium root that I now have to replace the tooth that I broke supposedly from grinding my teeth at night due to stress? or food allergies? Any way the other broken tooth was bothering me so the dentist said they could do both today. Being the smart thoughtful person that I am I said sure! put it on the credit card!! so after the easy part of unscrewing the healing cap and putting in an abutment then making me chew silly putty for the one crown they then injected me (they still use the giant glass syringes from the past which according to a documentary I saw on netflix(punctured) oh wait it was an exaggeration( sure sign of mercury poisoning, I could not remember the appropriate word (dramatization) till after I published) of a true story. are better than the plastic ones but big pharma and insurance make much more money on plastic disposable syringes. So they take to tries to get me all the way numb (apparently my family has a tendency to too many nerve endings) I am all happy get the bad tooth all drilled and pay one million dollars and take my prescriptions(do not fill them unless you need them)  for vicodin and omaxacilinn (sp)spell check won't help me darn it)(never mind looked it upamoxdur forgot already,right back!amoxacillin! whew) and my nice numb mouth home. Now I am thinking holy you know what I think I need some vicodin. Well here's to aleve( who knew it only has one l?) and hopefully feeling better in the morning. Good thing I did not have work planned for this afternoon!!
 Apparently spellcheck is not into drugs,she was no help at all


  1. I think if your spellchecker was on drugs, she'd be even less help: "How do you spell analgesic?" "Dude, like that's a hard word...hee hee, it starts with 'anal'"

    Man, I hope your mouth feels better!

  2. ?Maybe that was the problem? At least we did not have to go to Uranus!