Monday, June 10, 2013

Culture and morality?

So we have some driven people who start business' play sports at the highest level and climb Mount Everest and run marathons too..
 The majority of people just want to have a good life. Work their 40 hours have enough resources to vacation and buy their flat screen tv.
  So what happens when a "B" personality works for an "A" personality?
  Sports personality "jokingly" tells his crew that it is okay to take a day off for your wife's(not your) first child. After that work is more important.
  I remember Our high school basketball coach telling us "Family then school or work then god then fun.
  Shout out to Alfred Lujan.
  American Capitalists seem to think work then work then contacts for work then public relations oh yea and you look better if you have a family.....
  So what is the importance of family and community for us?


  1. Silicon Valley, Apple Computer, Google. The expectation there is that you are a super-driven super achiever, that you will work 100 hours per week, and that you will keep up with the over-caffeinated hyperactive 20-somethings fresh out of Stanford that surround you. Difficult if you have a family or any desire to live past 34. However the stock options are great if the company stays in business long enough for you to cash in. Assuming your employer doesn't go down in flames and that you jump at exactly the right moment, your next of kin will enjoy a good life after they get over the grief--which shouldn't take too long, since they hardly ever saw you in the first place.

    That's what happens.

  2. Fear of not being famous or fear of starving do not motivate good(moral, ethical) behavior. Fear and anger do motivate, but I think they short circuit morality!

  3. And the more panicked you are, the worse your decisions become.

  4. Good plan if one has no morality

  5. And standard operating procedure for those who fail to plan and also fail to stop and think about morality in the heat of the moment. In other words, for the vast majority of humanity.