Sunday, June 9, 2013

good times

Here is the kind of day I like.
  Trimmed a horse in Pecos for a 74 year old guy born in Pecos and with an interesting life story
Drove to Los Alamos to trim a little Arab for a veterinarian who has very right wing views We chatted about childrearing and morality and other subjects which we agree on.
  Then shoes for a very interesting very liberal smart lady .
  Drive home with every intention of going to the potluck for an African orphanage. Instead long nap.
  Wake up at 7 pm and decide to go for a jog.
 Running past the author's house and considering stopping in . Send short text get a call from Steve her husband. Once he figures out who I am I am graciously allowed to invite myself over and pick up signed copies of Destiny's two books(and some gin and tonic)
  Swap silly stories till they nicely kick me out at 9:45.
 Jog home without incident. I do wonder what the few cars I ran across thought of a guy in dress shirt swimming trunks and 2 books in his hand running down the road  at 10:00 pm.....

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