Sunday, June 2, 2013


The boys insist that we take the bus even though you are no longer required to.
 We park in White Rock and catch the bus and have a fun filled ride to the visitors center where we buy a season pass and head out with our apple juice bottle filled with warm water.
 Ben insists on stopping to read every information station which is hard for Soren.
 We have planned the 2.2 mile book-guided tour.
  Halfway through there is a trail to the top of the canyon so we take a detour and the boys hop skip and jump to the top.
  They chug water and finish it off before we make the top.
On the way down my injured foot starts hurting. Jeez man one little misstep!
  Soren overheats so he gets a soaking. A few minutes later we are in the shade and admiring the high-water marks from the 2011 flood.
  We decide not to go up to the 149 feet of ladders head back to visitor center watch 14 minute film buy snacks at the snack shop and ride the bus back to the truck!
  As Marta says someone was watching out for me.. I did not have to break my promise to go to White Sands. 

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