Friday, May 31, 2013


Plan to head to White Sands on Wednesday with the boys.
 Conveniently forget about work Wed and Thur.
 We'll finish by eleven and head down then.
 On the way up to Los Alamos to work Ben sees the sign for Bandelier national Park.
 He is all excited and so is Soren
  Parental genius. "Hey do you guys want to go to Bandelier instead?" "YEA!!!"
 In LA see another client "Are we on for tomorrow?"
Silently "S$%#T" "Yup we'll be here!"
  We have no shoes and socks in the truck because we were going to go home before heading south to White Sands.
 I decide to buy an LA Ouch. One Million dollars! for admittedly quality gear.
  Halfway through lunch the lady from the store shows up with our shopping bag.
  Somehow she tracked us down and made the time to bring us our stuff we forgot.
I feel better about spending money at their store.

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