Wednesday, May 15, 2013


So my carpool buddy Linda, yup I am a Mr. mom Girly man sensitive new age  guy.
  It all started with everybody telling what a great dad I would be, of course I pictured Bonanza or Little house on the prairie where everybody pitched in on the farm (or ranch) I did not picture holiday shows soccer camps kindergarten graduation (at 1:30 of course).
 Anyway after the boys got in the prius(of course) I headed off on my 8th consecutive day of running( an incredible accomplishment for me) still tired and sore, unlike in my youth, I headed up the power lines next to Old Las Vegas highway(don't get me started on people who ,of their own free choice, run on roads next to AUTOMOBILES. Asthma anyone?
  Anyway pretty soon I saw some deer prints. I thought "Hey those look fresh I wonder if I am following some deer!" I crossed a road and dropped into an arroyo and sure enough there were two rather large deer in a bit of a panic trying to finding the source of the locomotive sounds of whatever was crashing through the bush. I do nlt know if they did not see me or just could not believe that a 200 pound human could make the amount of noise they were hearing, at any rate they would do a couple of bounds and look this way and that then bound in anpother direction and look again. Finally the bounded up the arroyo and out of sight

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