Friday, May 17, 2013


Or is it just self-hatred/doubt. I just read an article blaming American parenting for ADHD. This article claims( a lot of readers seem to come away thinking that there is no ADHD in France) That there is very little ADHD in France. The reason given is boundaries and no snacking.
  Really? Come on folks! The Japanese were forcing their children to learn calculus at 7 years old,Americans freak out! "We are stupid! Oh my God!" Later we find out that kids forced to learn things before their brains develop cannot problem (generally) and these guys in their early 40's started dropping dead from chronic stress.
 If it is true that the French are much more strict than the Americans(Again gross generalization) How much more creative will our kids be as adults. We claim that children love boundaries, we do not bother to think that people are more comfortable around quiet obedient children. A child that does everything they are told never questions adults always helps out gets straight A's is our current ideal.
  Anybody ever heart of Richard Feynman, Albert Einstein, Samuel Clemens. ?
 I want my kids to be good hearted ,self starting and creative. Obedience is in there. They damn well better not get run over by a car, deliberately hurt people or be lazy. But they also better be true Americans who think for themselves and problem solve with the best!


  1. Funny, My kids have been quoting a recent brain development study that says kids at 13 generally don't have the brain development necessary to comprehend Algebra. Funny, 8th-grade Algebra (13 years old) was my first ever straight-A class. Perhaps that had more to do with the teacher than brain development?

    Speaking of ADHD--I should get back to work.

  2. I think you were a little ahead of the curve. Did you forget your ritalin again?

  3. Forgot to get diagnosed and prescribed. Just slipped my mind really. Hey, look, an airplane.

  4. Oh, and isn't the view better from behind the curve (depending on whose curve it is)?

    (Sorry - couldn't resist. I'm exhibiting wordplay as genetic disorder, I suspect)

  5. For which, taking Ritalin or figuring out which curve to be behind?