Thursday, May 23, 2013


Wake early, run on the road because of foot "injury" . Tempting fate as Kevin said? anyway even though the foot does not hurt on the flat I notice a little hesitancy putting weight on it.
  Hard fun work day shoeing 6 horses on a movie set in the middle of nowhere.
Rush into town to pick up Donovan and meet my kids at free soccer camp demo. 2 hours later after serious mauling by "Stichymolluchi"(sp?) Some sort of bone head Dinosaur. Finally unload young Dinos on Ex and head home.
 Now the right foot hurts. I assume because of uneven stride running from left foot. Left foot is swollen and red. I expect bruising to be green or blue or something. Right heel hurts. Lucky for me I got the magic bath.
  Bubble bath while watching a European cop show on netflix on the $200 laptop. Traumeel on feet and crawl into bed

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