Sunday, May 26, 2013

Minor obsessions

Jogging on the road(anathema) two lane paved road weird tracks on the side of the road, kind of like old style wagon? a wagon would not swerve so much.
 I spend the whole run considering the mystery. I get home and still cannot figure out what the heck these weird tracks. A little monkey in the back of my mind worrying away at the problem.
the next day another route I see a big wheel with orange conduit... Ah! mystery solved! Of course as I am going to sleep the little guy in the back of my mind mentions that the rims of the giant conduit wheel do not fit in the tracks on the other road. I ignore him. As any victim of OCD knows, once that little guy gets a hold of you he puts you in a full Nelson and the next thing you know you are Monk the nutty cop(tv show)
  A few days later I am running on the side of the road and tripping on all the chopped down shrubs that the giant mower ran over..... Finally! mystery solved! the weird tracks are the little support tires for the county mowing machine.
 Close call averted

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